The MODULAIR provides real-time, simultaneous measurements of particulate matter and gas-phase species.

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A new approach to measuring air quality

The MODULAIR™ air quality monitor uses the same patent-pending PM sensor found in the MODULAIR™-PM and adds four gas-phase measurements (CO, NO, NO2, and O3) to provide an all-in-one solution to meet your air quality measurement needs. It is designed to be solar-ready and works with both our Solar Power System and Sonic Anemometer add-ons.

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Gas-Phase Monitoring

Fully equipped with machine-learning powered CO, NO, NO2 and O3 sensors.

Size-resolved PM measurements

Obtain PM1, PM2.5, and PM10 estimates as well as number concentrations for particles between 0.35 µm and 40 µm.

Data transparency

Access raw and final data including detailed insights into the models used.

Designed for IoT

Devices are LTE/3G enabled providing real-time data accessible from anywhere.

Solar Ready

Powered by a standard 5V, 2A USB-C connection, easily connect your own solar+battery solution or ask about ours.

No maintainence required

Our devices require no manual intervention - just power on and data starts streaming to your dashboard!

Use the QuantAQ Cloud to stream data instantly.

The QuantAQ cloud provides network management tools and data anlytics to streamline your air quality data workflow. Deploying sensor networks is time consuming and costly - let QuantAQ do the heavy lifting!

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Install & turn on your sensor

Unpack and register your sensor in minutes with our guided set-up.

Access your data

View, visualize, and download your data in real-time within minutes of deployment.


A new paradigm for Gas Phase and PM sensing

Whether indoors or outdoors, use your MODULAIR™ sensor to understand ventilation rates, identify PM hotspots, and quantify human exposure to particulate matter and gas-phase pollutants.

Community Monitoring

Build AQ measurement capacity in communities that otherwise don't have access to local AQ information.

Indoor Air Quality

Understand how human activity and ventilation affect your indoor air.

Supplemental Monitoring

Increase the spatial and temporal coverage of existing AQ monitoring networks.

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